Caroline’s Lingerie Shower

Our beautiful creation!

This Saturday, I got to put my hostess hat on and throw my first bridal shower ever…for my sister! After a few months of planning and stressing over things I never thought I would, the results were pretty darn good, I must say! I had a very good turnout, and even made a few friends. Most of all, I think my sister really enjoyed the shower even though I may have embarrassed her just a tad…

As the guests arrived, everyone made nametags using their “stripper names,” a combination of a past pet’s name and your street name. Mine was Lucky Davis 🙂 and my sister’s was Jasmine Tarragon, in honor of our late puppy. Even my mom and her friend Debbie joined in on the nametag game — Mom’s stripper name was Trixie Tarragon!

After playing a  hilarious white elephant gift exchange with underwear (the ones I won were actually cute :), Caroline got to open all her presents. She got some really nice stuff, and two very humiliating gifts from me. What, it’s my job as her sister!

One of my favorite parts about the shower was the CAKE, which I actually thought turned out pretty good. Mom and I solicited the help of family friend Nancy Millspaugh (aka Superwoman) to create it. Not only did it look cool, it was delicious. Thanks to the help of some of Caroline’s other friends, we had lots of goodies to go around.

Click Here to view the rest of the pictures from the shower!

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