Caroline’s Wedding

me with the beeeaauuutiful bride!

me with the beeeaauuutiful bride!

On Friday, Juy 25 my sis became Mrs. Joshua Cody! The wedding and reception were held at Alvaton Banquet Hall in Alvaton (which is in Meriwether County, about a half hour drive from our parents’ house). I must say, she looked absolutely gorgeous, and the look on my brother-in-law’s face when he first saw her definitely attested to that.

The hours before the wedding were a little bit stressful as things came together at the last minute (i.e. the florist not showing up until about 30 minutes before the ceremony started…), but I guess that comes with the territory. My dad teared up a little bit, but in all he did great walking her down the aisle. About half way through the ceremony (which was outside), it started to thunder and lightning. Hugh Kirby, the officiant, made the call to move everyone inside. We scrambled inside, and just as the last of the guests got through the door it started to downpour! We were all laughing as we finished up the rest of the ceremony improv-style, including Caroline and Josh. If you can laugh about something like that, chances are you’re going to have an awesome marriage!

The ceremony was a blast. Everyone was on the dance floor (Memo was hilarious), the food was great and the wine was flowing. Ken caught the garter! And I thought all in all, my toast went pretty well even though I totally winged it. When my dad got up there to give his speech I cried for the first time the whole night. He wrote an amazing poem to my sister, which he read to everyone.

The happy couple made their escape around midnight, with all of the guests holding up sparklers. They will certainly have some amazing memories from that night! They are honeymooning in Jamaica, and then they are going to move into their apartment in Athens. I’m really excited, because that means I will get to see my sis a lot more than I’m used to (well, at least until December when I graduate).

I can’t even believe the wedding is over already. The last of the out-of-town family left this morning, which is a little sad, but I have to say we’re enjoying the long awaited peace and quiet.

Click Here to see a few more pictures from the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

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  1. Sarah said

    Christie — What a great start to your blog. Nicely done and I really like seeing a picture with each post — I think visually it makes it complete. Keep up the good work!

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