My Last Day at The Georgia Club

Tiffani Brooks, Alan Rockett, Sarah Freeman and Mike O'Malley

Some of my wonderful co-workers treated me to lunch at the Clubhouse for my last day. Counter-clockwise: Tiffani Brooks, Alan Rockett, Sarah Freeman and Mike O'Malley

Today was my last official day as an intern at The Georgia Club, and I simply can’t say enough great things about my experience in just one post! It was tough to say goodbye to everyone, especially with the “star treatment” I received today. I was treated to lunch in the Clubhouse, where I had to have the amazing shrimp & grits just one more time, and the kitchen surprised us with a delicious dessert platter for the occasion. Everyone in our office and other departments showered me with compliments and warm wishes. My direct supervisor, Sarah Freeman, gave me a very sweet card, two extremely thoughtful gifts and just a general boost of confidence. If you’re reading this, THANK YOU SARAH!

Apart from the amazing people I got to work with, the best part about this internship was the sheer amount of experience it has given me. This was no coffee and copies internship – I truly got to have a big part (and a say) in several projects, including electronic and print newsletters, several graphic design and writing projects, social media and more. I helped TGC start their very own blog, and am very excited to see it progress in the coming months along with the new Web site.

Most recently, I was involved with promoting The Georgia Club Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament (a few photos are posted on my Google album). I had the opportunity to sit in on many meetings, write several promotional e-mails and sponsorship letters, and design the program for the event. It was awesome to see the whole thing come together this past Saturday, August 2. I even got to rub shoulders with several local celebrities, including Neal Boortz, Chuck Dowdle, Suzanne Yoculan and many others. By some miracle of God, I was able to carry on a conversation with one of my long-time favorites, David Greene, for a few minutes without losing my cool. True to reputation, he was a very nice guy. It was the big-name journalists at the event that made me nervous 🙂

Like all good things, this experience had to come to an end. But I will never forget everything I have learned this past few months, or the kindness everyone at The Georgia Club has shown me.

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  1. sfreeman0 said

    It took me a few days to discover this post, Christie, but it was very nicely done. Thanks for the kudos — my head is increasing in size with the nice compliments. Mabye others will read it and want to apply in the future. Talk with you soon!

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