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I’m still alive.


I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve posted, especially with all of the exciting things happening right now. First and foremost, Ken and I got engaged on June 12! Even though we’d been dating for almost five years, it was a complete surprise. The date is November 1, 2009, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve chosen to take the nontraditional route, and will have the ceremony in the tiny village of Little Bay, Jamaica at Coral Cove Resort. Our parents and friends are over the moon (especially those who are going 🙂 and it’s just been a really happy time in our lives.

After being unexpectedly laid off in December, Ken quickly found a new job with Ameripark and is very busy working and completing his last accounting class before he prepares to take the CPA exams. He is also training for his first half Ironman triathlon, which will be in September.

 Although it’s a challenging and demanding work environment, I’ve really enjoyed my job as a development staff member at GGC. Recently, I’ve been privileged to witness some huge milestones in the school’s short history. On May 29, Gen. David Petraeus (head of the U.S. Central Command) delivered the commencement speech at the third ceremony in GGC history, which went off without a hitch. I had the privilege of getting to know each of the 38 graduates through coordinating the Senior Gift Campaign, which also proved to be a huge success; 100% of the graduates contributed to the campaign!

GGC also received SACS accreditation on June 25, and is now a fully accredited institution of higher learning. Due to the hard work of all of the faculty, staff and many students, this accomplishment was completed in record time. We’re all thrilled, but bracing ourselves for the increased workload as enrollment is expected to increase exponentially.


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Top 10 Rainy Day Songs

I am a music addict, and yes, I’ll admit I am one of those kids who may be at risk for hearing loss due to having the ipod earbuds permanently attached. My friends often tease me for having a playlist for every occasion, from “Hwy 316 Mix” to “Tailgating.”

It is another cloudy day in Athens, and has been raining for most of the week. Besides yesterday when I had to  hoof it through mudpuddles in heels to go to my client meeting (which went great, besides that!), I generally love the rain. Athens really needs it right now because of the lingering drought, and sometimes it’s just nice to sit inside, enjoy the sound of the rain and listen to some mighty moody tunes.

Naturally, I have a playlist dedicated to rainy days. Now, my taste in music isn’t the most original, but I like to think it’s decent 🙂 Here are my top rainy day 10 songs:

  1. Navy Taxi by Kate Nash
  2. Grace by Jeff Buckley
  3. Sparks by Coldplay
  4. Angel from Montgomery by Bonnie Rait
  5. Sail Away by David Gray
  6. Everybody Knows by Ryan Adams
  7. Holiday in Spain by Counting Crows
  8. No Other Way by Jack Johnson
  9. The Story by Brandy Carlile
  10. The Drugs Don’t Work by Radiohead

Know any other good ones?

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